mercredi 11 novembre 2015

CREACAST STATS-API to get your realtime audience and daily logs

A STATS-API is proposed by Creacast to enable third parties utilities to analyse your program's audience.
Our STATS-API you can get daily logs of your programs or realtime audience


The generic http request format is:

your_user_key : your private key provided by CreaCast. You can get this key on your Creacast account.
program_name : the corresponding program name, as it is displayed in your Creacast account.
day_date : the corresponding date given as « YYYY-MM-DD »
output_format : csv or json if not specified

The CSV format outputs as follow : Stream ID (as displayed in your Creacast account), date, time, client IP, duration of the listening session (seconds), bytes sent, and User-Agent.

Sessions greater than 30 seconds are recorded. Sessions lower than 30 seconds are not recorded.


Our STATS-API enables you to retrieve your realtime audience. It can be used in exemple with ajax to display your audience in your intranet or web site.

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